Forgot to provide your Loyalty Member # while making a purchase in our stores within the last 90 days? Please complete the form below in order to request that points be added to your account. Any inaccurate point recovery requests will not be processed.

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Valid point requests will be added to your point balance within a week. A confirmation will not be sent upon point recovery, but you may check your account online to confirm that points have been added to your current balance. Transactions added will not be available in your order history. Items that are not eligible to earn points are: deposits (e.g. keg, tab, tub), California Redemption Value charges, any bottle, can or container deposit, recyclable paper bags, taxes, and any items purchased using a gift card as a form of tender. Points are earned on the net amount of "eligible charges," meaning "eligible charges" are determined after any coupons or discounts have been applied. Points cannot be added for transactions that were already awarded points or for purchases that were made prior to joining the loyalty program. This form cannot be used for any transactions that have been made online. Duplicate requests cannot be processed.